• Creating the hotel concept
  • Creating the name and brand
  • Creating the visual identity
  • SWOT analysis
  • Business plan development
  • Defining goals and strategies (choice of management model)
  • Location and content advisory
  • Selection of hotel category and definition of equipment quality levels
  • Proposed level of quality of future services provided
  • Negotiations with hotel chains and marketing alliances
  • Hotel design concept advisory
  • Analysis of project rationality
  • Participation in the preparation of negotiations with financial institutions, investors, partners, suppliers, service providers, etc.


  • Recommendation regarding the choice of materials, equipment, installations, etc.
  • Defining equipment that affects the work of hotel employees on a daily basis
  • Defining project tasks
  • Negotiations with potential contractors
  • Monitoring construction
  • Consulting for business process optimization


  • Defining the organizational structure
  • Defining the number of operatives per department
  • Employee training
  • Mystery shopper
  • Checking the fulfillment of the elements necessary to obtain categorization 
  • Assistance in setting standards and work procedures
  • Advising on personnel selection – management / heads of sectors
  • Consulting related to the pricing policy of all hotel segments
  • Selection of priority target groups and service users
  • Assistance in choosing a software and hardware solution
  • Indications of direct and indirect competition
  • Harmonization of department REPORTS on an annual, quarterly and monthly level with the needs of the owners
  • Proposals for membership in domestic and international associations
  • Advising on setting up the pre-opening, soft-opening and opening phases

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